Différences entre une alliance et une bague de fiançailles

Les bandes ont figuré en bonne place dans les fiançailles et les mariages depuis la préhistoire. En fait, il serait difficile de poursuivre des fiançailles et un mariage sans la présence de groupes. En raison de leur longue histoire, l’utilisation et les fonctions de l’alliance et de la bague de fiançailles sont souvent mêlées. Mais, … Read moreDifférences entre une alliance et une bague de fiançailles

Don’t Miss These Sports Events in Your City

If you’re a sports fan, you’ll want to mark these events on your calendar. There’s something for everyone, whether you prefer watching professional athletes or https://www.koobit.com/georgia-v-kent-state-e6534 collegiate teams. Here are some of the top sports events coming up in your city: The Super Bowl is always a major event, and this year’s game is no … Read moreDon’t Miss These Sports Events in Your City

Hand Labeling Considered Harmful – O’Reilly

We are traveling through the era of Software 2.0, in which the key components of modern software are increasingly determined by the parameters of machine learning models, rather than hard-coded in the language of for loops and if-else statements. There are serious challenges with such software and models, including the data they’re trained on, how … Read moreHand Labeling Considered Harmful – O’Reilly

Radar trends to watch: July 2021 – O’Reilly

Certainly the biggest news of the past month has been a continuation of the trend towards regulating the biggest players in the tech industry.  The US House of Representatives is considering 5 antitrust bills that would lead to major changes in the way the largest technology companies do business; and the Biden administration has appointed … Read moreRadar trends to watch: July 2021 – O’Reilly

Thinking About Glue – O’Reilly

In Glue: the Dark Matter of Software, Marcel Weiher asks why there’s so much code. Why is Microsoft Office 400 million lines of code? Why are we always running into the truth of Alan Kay’s statement that “Software seems ‘large’ and ‘complicated’ for what it does”? Weiher makes an interesting claim: the reason we have … Read moreThinking About Glue – O’Reilly