Room for two children: how to create a space for everyone with a kids nightstand

Are you lucky to have twins or two beautiful children who get along wonderfully? This relationship is so harmonious that they want to share their bedroom. Unless it’s the configuration of your accommodation that does not give you the chance to offer them a room each? Whatever the circumstances, your children should have their corner beds and kids nightstand in a single room. Discover our tips for arranging two spaces in one!

One bedroom for two children: Simple ideas for arranging two spaces (like using kids nightstands)

The bedroom plays an essential role when you are a child. While it is the room where they sleep, it is also about refuge and play space in which they can express their creativity and develop their imagination. Thus, in the case of the same room shared by two cherubim of the same sex or not, it is essential that everyone can take advantage of their own space and arrange their universe there. Therefore, we present different solutions to help you make the best of this layout!

1. Different paints: to create two visually district spaces

Tastes and colors are indisputable! In this case, you might take advantage of your children’s preferences by painting their bedroom walls in two colors to delimit their space for each one. You can achieve effects based on a geometric painting or stick to the traditional straight brushstroke. Be careful to select complementary colors so as not to switch to bad taste quickly!

2. Two twin beds: to share everything

When we love each other, there is no need for borders! If your two children get along like thieves at fairs and are already used to sharing their moments of play and their greatest sorrows, you might as well simply install their two beds next to each other—another in their room. As a slight separation, you can place a small kids nightstand between the two beds that will have everyday use.

3. Office furniture: to create separations without partitioning

Who says a child necessarily says school and homework? For this, your dear darlings will need an office to work on their work with the utmost seriousness and maximum concentration. Suppose it is not necessarily easy to fit two pieces of furniture of this type in the same room reserved for two children. In that case, you might as well take the opportunity to install it intelligently and ensure that this office also acts as a partition to separate their children—two sleeping areas.

4. Two head-to-tail beds: to optimize space while being a friend

If the bedroom you plan to furnish offers a generous length, take advantage of this space to optimize it as best as possible by positioning your children’s beds in a row but headboard against the headboard. They will thus be able to take advantage of the maximum floor space in their room. The ideal configuration for the most active or playful children!

5. Curtains: to create a sense of privacy

The beds of your children placed side by side can easily be concealed using a sheer, or, more covering, a curtain. For this installation, all you have to do is fix a rod to the ceiling for each bed, just next to the bedding, so that they can easily pull the curtain when they each want to enjoy a moment of privacy.

6. Bunk beds: to offer everyone their floor

Although it is the same structure, the bunk beds still allow everyone to enjoy their own space without visualizing the other. It is also an ideal piece of furniture if your children’s room is small and they don’t have a place to play. Saving space and a corner for everyone: this type of bed has it all!

7. A headboard: to separate intelligently

In the same logic as the trick of the beds placed in head-to-tail position, you can install them as they are, but, in addition, separate them physically by a large headboard fixed perpendicular to the wall or made to measure. In the last case, it can also have everyday use as storage or accommodate reading lamps on kids nightstand, fixed in its structure.

8. A library: to combine separation and storage

Since it is a question of intelligently separating the sleeping areas of your offspring installed in the same room, you might as well take advantage of this to increase the storage capacity! Thus, a bookcase or a piece of furniture with multiple compartments, the spaces filled with fabric storage niches, do the job perfectly.

9. A canopy: to partition without losing light

Traditionally used in a kitchen, a studio to partition living spaces, or even a bathroom to close a shower, you can also use the canopy in a child’s room. Practical and design, a glass roof installed on a half partition allows the space to be cut in two without depriving it of light and modernity, quite the contrary!

In summary, if having two children live together in the same room is not always easy, we give you all the cards in hand to create, for each, a dedicated and ingeniously arranged space within a single and same room. Even if it’s just an easy solution like putting a kids nightstand between two beds, you should definitely consider this issue. So then, visual separation, physical separation, or no separation at all, it’s up to you to compose according to the configuration of the bedroom, but also the desires of your children.

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