Communal Computing’s Many Problems – O’Reilly

In the first article of this series, we discussed communal computing devices and the problems they create–or, more precisely, the problems that arise because we don’t really understand what “communal” means. Communal devices are intended to be used by groups of people in homes and offices. Examples include popular home assistants and smart displays like … Read moreCommunal Computing’s Many Problems – O’Reilly

A Way Forward with Communal Computing – O’Reilly

Communal devices in our homes and offices aren’t quite right. In previous articles, we discussed the history of communal computing and the origin of the single user model. Then we reviewed the problems that arise due to identity, privacy, security, experience, and ownership issues. They aren’t solvable by just making a quick fix. They require … Read moreA Way Forward with Communal Computing – O’Reilly