Rebranding Data – O’Reilly

There’s a flavor of puzzle in which you try to determine the next number or shape in a sequence. We’re living that now, but for naming the data field.  “Predictive analytics.” “Big Data.” “Data science.” “Machine learning.” “AI.” What’s next? It’s hard to say.  These terms all claim to be different, but they are very … Read moreRebranding Data – O’Reilly

Why Data Makes It Different – O’Reilly

Much has been written about struggles of deploying machine learning projects to production. As with many burgeoning fields and disciplines, we don’t yet have a shared canonical infrastructure stack or best practices for developing and deploying data-intensive applications. This is both frustrating for companies that would prefer making ML an ordinary, fuss-free value-generating function like … Read moreWhy Data Makes It Different – O’Reilly